Vision and Mission


Our vision at the Afghanistan New Generation Experts Network (ANGEN) is to envision a transformed Afghanistan that thrives on the collective expertise and commitment of its own experts. We see a nation where the knowledge and experiences of Afghan professionals, institutions, associations, think tanks and academic entities converge to shape a sustainable and inclusive future. Through collaborative efforts and shared values, we aim to contribute to a society that upholds democracy, human rights, social justice, and lasting peace. By fostering meaningful partnerships and innovative solutions, we strive to empower Afghanistan’s new generation of experts to become influential leaders and catalysts for positive change within and on the global stage.


Our mission is to harness the collective power of Afghan experts, institutions, associations, think tanks and academic institutions. We aim to create a reliable, efficient, and non-affiliated platform that fosters coordination, communication, and collaboration among experts in various fields related to Afghanistan. Our goal is to provide a space for discourse, exchange of views, and the production of practical thought and knowledge. Through this, we seek to support sustainable development, realize democracy, promote social justice, and achieve dignified peace in Afghanistan. By actively engaging with a diverse network and international stakeholders, we strive to influence policies, drive progress, and make a lasting impact on Afghanistan’s future.