Key Objectives:

  1. Building a network of experts: bringing together Afghan experts from different fields and backgrounds, fostering coordination, communication, and collaboration to jointly address Afghanistan’s challenges.
  2. Capacity Building: Enhancing the expertise and skills of Afghan professionals through knowledge sharing, workshops, and training programs so they can effectively contribute to the country’s development.
  3. Thematic think tanks: establish specialized think tanks in key areas such as international and security studies, media and information management, arts and culture, governance and rule of law, water management and natural resources, human rights, economy and management, and information technology. These think tanks will produce innovative solutions and policy recommendations tailored to Afghanistan’s needs.
  4. Thought leadership: developing ANGEN as a prominent hub for practical thought leadership, research, and knowledge production on issues related to Afghanistan’s development, democracy, human rights, and social justice.
  5. Dialogue and Advocacy: promoting open dialogues and debates among Afghan experts, religious scholars, women’s rights activists, and academics to discuss critical issues such as women’s rights, democracy, and human rights with a focus on Islamic perspectives.
  6. Institutional networking: building strategic partnerships and collaborations with local and international institutions, associations, and think tanks actively engaged in Afghan issues to promote an inclusive and holistic approach to problem-solving.
  7. Public awareness and education: raising public awareness of democracy, human rights, and social justice through dissemination of research findings, organizing seminars, workshops, and debates, and access to educational materials and resources.
  8. Influencing policy: influencing policy-making processes in Afghanistan by providing evidence-based recommendations, contributing to informed decision-making, and advocating for positive change consistent with ANGEN’s core values.
  9. International Engagement: Strengthening ANGEN’s presence on the international stage by working with global organizations, experts, and institutions to ensure that Afghan perspectives are effectively represented in international discussions about the country’s development.