A.Masoud Tokhi

Governance and Rule of Law studies

Ahmad Masoud Tokhi completed his high school education at Habibia High School in Kabul. After graduating high school, he joined Kabul University, where he received a Bachelor degree in Economics and later on he got his master degree in Development Policies and Practices from Graduate Institute of Geneva. After completing his studies in Kabul, he worked for several years in a non-governmental organization in various management capacities.
In 2009 , he started his career with Afghan government (through MCP, CBR and TAGHIR projects) as the Director of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) of the Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) and than as General Director for Afghanistan Civil Service Management where he was leading the Public Administrative Reform agenda of Afghan Government till August 2021.
Before joining Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, Mr. Tokhi worked for ActionAid International for seven years in different positions including Capacity Development Manager, Just and Democratic Governance Thematic Leader and General Manager of Institute for Social Change. Also he has worked with Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development as Strategy Development Advisor and in Capacity Development Directorate of Civil Service Commission as Head of Program Development Unit.