Official Statement: Afghanistan New Generation Experts Network (ANGEN) on UN Security Council Resolution 2721 (2023)

Official Statement: Afghanistan New Generation Experts Network (ANGEN) on UN Security Council Resolution 2721 (2023)

Date: 30.12.2023

We, the Afghanistan New Generation Experts Network (ANGEN), extend our wholehearted welcome to the UN Security Council’s adoption of Resolution 2721 (2023) and the subsequent request for the appointment of a Special Envoy for Afghanistan. This marks a crucial step toward addressing the complex challenges faced by Afghanistan, and we appreciate the international community’s commitment to fostering positive change in the region.

In light of this significant development, ANGEN puts forth the following three demands:

  1. Call for Flexibility and Cooperation from Russia and China: We earnestly call upon Russia and China to demonstrate increased flexibility and cooperation in building a global consensus for the transition of Afghanistan. A stable political, economic, and social situation is vital for the well-being of the Afghan people, and we believe that global collaboration is paramount in achieving this objective.
  2. Advancement of Talks Reflecting Afghan Aspirations: ANGEN urges the international community to propel discussions about Afghanistan’s future based on the legitimate demands of the Afghan people. It is imperative that these talks aim at improving the lives of Afghans and positioning the country as a responsible member of the global community. We emphasize the importance of inclusive dialogue, avoiding representation by figures tainted with corruption and disapproval from the Afghan populace.
  3. Commitment to Afghanistan’s Stable Transition: Reiterating our commitment to the goals of the Afghanistan New Generation Experts Network, we emphasize our dedication to contributing to the transition of Afghanistan into a stable nation with a robust economy. ANGEN stands ready to fulfill its responsibilities in alignment with these objectives.

In conclusion, ANGEN acknowledges the intricate nature of the challenges facing Afghanistan and believes that the international community’s united efforts, as reflected in Resolution 2721, will pave the way for a brighter and more stable future for the people of Afghanistan.

We express our gratitude to the UN Security Council for its commitment to addressing the critical issues at hand.


Hamed Karimi
Chief Executive Director
Afghanistan New Generation Experts Network (ANGEN)

Note: PDF version of this statement is attached