Bandwidth Support - Quick Reference Guide

updated January 17, 2014
  1. Submit a ticket to Bandwidth at
  2. Fill out the form as you would an email:
    1. Your email address - responses to your ticket will be sent to this email address
    2. Subject - what is the nature of your support request (Dashboard down, 9-1-1 call routing)
    3. Description - give enough detail to explain what is happening
  3. Request Type Field
    In the Request Type field select NGEN911 near the bottom of the drop down list.  The arrow to the right when selected will present two options: General Assistance and Service Impacting 24X7. Service Impacting should be selected only when the issue being reported is disrupting service at/to the PSAP to the point that it is interfering with the ability to receive or process emergency calls.  General Assistance should be selected for all other issues.
  4. Please have as much of the following information as possible:
    System, network or service related issue:​
    1. PSAP experiencing the issue
    2. Call Example with the below information:
      1. Calling FROM Number (ANI)
      2. Calling TO Number (DNIS)
      3. Date and Time of Call
      4. Reported Issue
    3. Any actions taken to correct the issue or relevant information
  5. Once a ticket has been submitted, please call 855-643-6911, select an option:
Option 1: Bandwidth Network Operations Center (NOC) to report emergencies and service issues
Option 2: Customer Account Manager (CAM) team to request Dashboard and general assistance
  1. Reference the ticket number with the NOC representative or the CAM and briefly state your question or issue.
  2. Based on the complexity of the question or issue the NOC or CAM will be able to answer the question or resolve the issue.  If not a Service Level will be assigned and the ticket handled per established procedure.